Habitica x GaymerX Rainbow Armor

Have you heard about Habitica, a productivity app that makes your life like a game? :O

When you check off your real-world tasks, you level up your avatar and unlock features such as armor, pets, and even quests that you can complete with friends. GaymerX has designed an exclusive Rainbow Warrior armor set for Habitica, which will be available on until December 14th.

To get the special GaymerX armor, check out the website at https://habitica.com or download the iOS app now!

Designed by the amazing @JJsignal! :3 its pretty cool, especially if you’re already an existing user of Habitica!



The MAGfest GX Arcade presents Massive Tournament Throw-downs

With great power comes great announcements!

It’s your friendly and very pumped Arcade Coordinator with yet another tantalizing GaymerX announcement involving GX3’s MAGfest GX Arcade. This time around it’s about the tournaments we will running everyday of the convention. Yes you read that right, EVERYDAY. We will be bringing to you nail biting action in the spectrum of consoles throughout the convention.

For everyday a game, and for every game a champion. A winner who can claim the bragging rights at being the best at least until the next year. The battle begins at noon each day and all warriors must be signed up for the bout of the best before the tournament begins, or the challenger will not be accepted. Now enough leaving you with your breath abated to what tournaments will be held on what days. For your perusal I have left them in all their glory below.

download (3)Friday: Halo 5 (XBox One)

Saturday: Pix the Cat (PS4)

Sunday: Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Each of those lovely games is clickable and will lead you to their corresponding tournament sign up sheets. 

OH! And before I forget I have two special last minute inception like announcements for this post. I have just confirmed that the winner’s of each tournament will win a Mixamp and A40 headset bundle from Astro Gaming. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT~!? AMAZING!!!!!!

On top of that there will be 2, not 1, BUT 2 super secret contests in the Arcade that will happendownload (1) during the weekend. These super secret contests could be anything from being the one to get the highest score on a certain arcade cabinet to having the fastest time on an old school console game. Each secret contest will be announced the day they are happening so make sure you stop by the Arcade each day to find out just what it will be. Guess what the winners of these secret arcade games will be? That’s right a Mixamp and A40 headset bundle from Astro Gaming! *le gasp of shock*

Please go ahead and fill out the forms and keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon! If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] and I’ll take care of you.

Looking forward to seeing who ends up on top… of the tournament! :O


  • Kayla

Roll For Initiative: GX3 Announces Tabletop Bosses!

Get your dice out! Sharpen your pencils! Ready your spell components! GaymerX has some awesomesauce to share with you!

Did you know that GX3 will include dedicated tabletop gaming rooms and programming? Our tabletop games programming this year will include Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, Dragon Age, Mutants & Masterminds, Blue Rose, and other one-of-a-kind adventures in a variety of systems! For D&D Adventurers’ League, you’ll be excited to hear Associate Community Manager Alan Patrick will be joining us to run some games! We’ll even be having a workshop on LARP!

But what would three days of LGBTQ friendly and inclusive tabletop gaming be without special guests from the industry joining us? We’re thrilled to announce our Tabletop Industry Bosses of Honor!

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Unicorn Booty x GX3: Magical Rainbows of Coverage

It’s time for a little Rainbow Roundup!

We’re excited to announce that this year at GX3 our Press Lounge will be run by the beautiful folks at Unicorn Booty!


Unicorn Booty is an online magazine that connects readers of all sorts to news, culture and commentary on pop culture, politics, entertainment, travel, and anything interesting happening in the world. They’ll be covering major happenings at GX3 as a Media Sponsor and we’re so stoked to have them!

Unicorn Booty and their editor Daniel Villarreal will also be holding “The Effects of Gayme Addiction on Queers” panel at the con which you can RSVP for here!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the their GaymerX coverage so far including interviews with our Bosses of Honor, plus lots more fun, queer, geeky stuff you might not get to see elsewhere.

stick15-701x336INTERVIEW: Why Robert Yang Makes Video Games About Sex With Cars

How To Respond To The Most Common Complaints About Newly Out Characters

robjagnowwithwatermark-701x336INTERVIEW: Rob Jagnow Makes Fun Games About Class Issues And Bullying

Pop Stars as Final Fantasy VI Characters

GX, the Queer Gamers Conference, Is Invading Australia!

Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz Combines Classic Films With Vintage Video Games

‘Metroid: The Sky Calls’ Could Teach Nintendo How To Portray Women

N7 Day: How Mass Effect Helped Me Accept My Gender Identity

The True Story About The U.S. Hunt For Buried Fairy Treasures

Video Games On Vinyl? Check Out The Video Game That Was A B-Side!

A Look Inside Funspot, The World’s Largest Arcade

10 Classic Video Games That May Have Passed You By

“Nuclear War” Turns 50: A Fun Game About Human Extinction

Meet The Female Cosplayer Fighting Sexist Harassment

Love On Board: 10 Tabletop Games About Love

What If Female Video Game Characters Had Real Bodies?

Mini Gay Boyfriend: Gay Romance in Your Pocket!

Be sure to check out these and future content at Unicorn Booty where you can find some news that isn’t afraid to get a little gay and a little nerdy.


MAGfest Arcade Presents the Open Indie Space!



Hideho~ It’s your friendly neighborhood gaymer Kayla, with more juicy info about GX3 and our new MAGFest Arcade. We’ve been hard at work in the salt mines making sure to deck it out with all kinds of fun things for you to explore and check out, and we have something super cool for indie game devs joining us at GaymerX this year!

GX3 would like to present to you the Open Indie Space! There will be 8 spots total open to those indie developers who would like to show off their games in the Arcade!

This fancy free space comes with some limitations because we like to make sure everything is fair and square here at GaymerX. So let’s go over the rules of engagement. (PS if you don’t get the reference even with the hint we can’t be besties but you can still get a space)download (2)

  1. Each developer will be limited to a 2 hour slot and no developer can have more than one slot in a day.
  2. You may request to be put on more then one day, BUT those who haven’t gotten a slot are treated as priority and take precedence over any additional slot requests.
  3. All we guarantee to provide is a monitor and power. Developers are asked to provide any signs for their games to be used during their time slot as well as the machine to play their games on.
  4. Those in the Expo Hall, or those who have paid for spaces, take priority in slots but there are more than enough to go around so everyone will get a chance to show off.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, you will be assigned slots. These will be locked prior to the event and can not be changed day of. No additional developers will be added day of so it’s really important to request space as soon as possible!

The deadline for submitting a request to get a slot to show off in is Dec 5th, after that no new developers will be accepted as the schedule will be locked in and unable to change. So to sign up dance your wonderful selves over HERE and fill out the information needed for you to secure your very own timeslot.

We really want to celebrate our awesome, diverse indie game community and we’re so excited to be able to provide this space for indie game devs joining us this year! We really hope you join us and see all the new, awesome games in the arcade!



See you at GX3 in December!!

~ Kayla



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( ^ click through me to get to the tickets page :3)

Are you excited for GX3? Do you wanna save money? Well hop on board the Early Bird pricing train! As you can tell, Early Bird Pricing ends midnight on the 19th of October, so if you want to get your tickets cheap, get them NOW.

In addition, if you are a Kickstarter backer–please redeem your ticket codes soon so you do not get potentially get an additional charge. We would not be here without you, and would NOT want this to happen to you. 

We’re all so stoked about GX3, and we want all of you to be there, so if cheap tickets means you will be, we’ll give you this great big reminder that they’re cheaper now than they will be ever again 😉 So go buy ’em up now 😀


Turing approves! What other endorsement do you need?


On Sprites And Sugar Water

Hello again, potential Sprites!

You may remember our post earlier this summer about the magic our volunteers, known as Sprites, bring to each and every GX event. We spoke of free badges and sugar water, but we were vague in a mysterious yet enticing way. “What is this sugar water?” you may have asked yourself. “Is it delicious enough to lure me, with my exquisite magic, into becoming a Sprite?” Wonder no more! Come sniff at the trough of sugar water, fill your nostrils with its tantalizing aroma, and learn the specifics of GX3’s Volunteer perks.

The very first Sprite training at GaymerX in 2013!


In exchange for at least 8 hours of work during the convention, Sprites will receive:

  • Free Badges: All Sprites receive a free weekend pass to GX3: Everyone Games. This badge includes access to our swanky VIP Party on Thursday night!
  • Exclusive Sprite T-Shirts: Our Sprites get a unique shirt at each GX Convention that serves as their badge of Spritedom. These shirts aren’t sold or available any other way than working with us as a Sprite.
  • Food on Shift: We know that nothing is more important at a convention than making sure you’re able to find the time to eat! We provide breakfast and dinner to Sprites who are working during morning and night shifts. We’ll also have snacks and other munchies available throughout the day for our Sprites to keep them fueled. Have dietary restrictions? Let us know and we’ll make sure to stock things you’re able to eat!
  • Volunteer Crash Space: Need somewhere to take a quick nap during the convention? Get some quiet time? Leave your things locked up safely? A space to switch from Sprite garb to an awesome costume? Then you’ll love the volunteer crash space! We keep a hotel room at the venue set aside for our volunteers to use for these things throughout the event! Please keep in mind, though, the crash space is communal one and is not a stand-in for lodging during the event!
  • Training Dinner: Want a chance to meet your fellow Sprites before the convention? We hold a training dinner prior to the convention that we ask all Sprites to attend. It’s a great chance to make new friends and get informed about all things GX3 before things get started.  We also use this training to talk about ways to make GX3 an inclusive space for all gamers! We’re aiming to have this dinner on Wednesday 12/9 in San Jose, not far from the San Jose Convention Center.

Have we enticed you to bring your magic to GX3 as a Sprite? Excellent! You can apply to be a volunteer at GX3 here. Don’t delay, as we’re quickly approaching our application deadline of 9/30/2015!

Have questions or concerns? Let us know via email at [email protected]! We look forward to seeing you all this December in San Jose, CA!

-Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde, Volunteer Co-Directors

sorayaheadshot meprofile pic


Some updates! :D






GaymerX On The Road!

This month, GaymerX will be hitting two awesome events! 


Pink Party Prime!

(8/29/15, NEUMOS, Seattle WA)

The awesome folks at Jetspace are throwing our favorite event of August, the Pink Party Prime!

This is definitely the place to be on Saturday night! We will be in town with the PAX Diversity Lounge (come say hi!). Check it out! (warning, this party can sell out fast!)


Silicon Valley Pride!

(8/30/15, Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA)

Silicon Pride celebrates 40 YEARS OF PRIDE IN SAN JOSE!

We’re extremely fortunate to be joining such a historic event and bringing along some historically awesome games for folks to play! Come join us, kick back, and play some games after a long marchin the sun!

Free body painting from Brandon McGill

Ever wanted to transform? Makeup artist Brandon McGill will be at GX3 and offering his famous body painting skills to attendees!

Rooms and Tickets to GX3 SELLING OUT


OK no… pressure or anything but we just had to take YET ANOTHER room block in our overflow hotel. Please understand ROOMS AND TICKETS WILL SELL OUT THIS YEAR, GET THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Do you know the way to San Jose?

Now if you didn’t start singing the song when you read the title of this blog, I don’t know if we can be best buddies just yet, but what I can do is fill you in on how to make it down to our new venue in San Jose. Since you may be used to GaymerX in San Francisco, we figured it might be nice to have directions.

Coming from SF/Peninsula (Driving)Capture

  • Get on US-101 S
  • Take US-101 S to Park Avenue San Jose exit onto CA-87 S
  • Take the Park Ave/San Carlos Street exit
  • Continue on Park Ave Drive to 301 S Market Street





Coming from Oakland/East Bay (Driving)

  • Get on I-980 W from 14th St
  • Take I-880 S to Margaret St in Santa Clara County
  • Take the 7th St exit from I-280 N
  • Take E Reed St to S Market St

Coming from SF/Peninsula (Public Transit)

  • Caltrain Local 196 towards Diridon Station
  • San Jose Diridon Transit Center 902 towards LRT Winchester – C07

Coming from SJC  (Public Transit)Capture3

  • Head SE on Airport Blvd
  • Take the 10 Bus towards Santa Clara TRANSI03
  • Railroad SCTC 22 towards Eastridge02
  • Get off at Santa Clara and 1st
  • Head southwest on E Santa Clara St towards S 1st St

Here’s the address in case you want to Google Map it yourself:

301 S Market Street San Jose, CA 95113

That way we can see all your lovely faces at GaymerX, and you don’t have to stress about knowing where you are going. Aren’t we just a helpful bunch? As always feel free to ask any questions you might have!

Adieu to you, and you, and you!

~ Kayla