New Boss of Honor and Press! :D

Hey everyone!

Announcing our very first Boss of Honor, you may know her voice as Shepard, or from Halo, or God Of War, or Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic or Diablo IIIor Metal Gear Solid or..well..she works really hard to voice some of the most awesome characters in gaming today…

It’s Jennifer Hale!

Hooray! We’re excited to announce some other awesome Bosses of Honor as we get closer to the event next year, but we’re so excited to have our first new Boss of Honor be such an awesome and prominent female voice actor in the video games world. Thank you for joining us Jennifer!!

We also wanted to share some super sweet articles that have been written about the convention/interviews we did. Please read if you’d like more insight into our thinking w/ GX3 or want to share the good news!




DOT 429  –

Some other cool ones at launch:



Also big thanks to Game Politics, Kotaku & Kotaku Australia, Polygon, Eurogamer, Nerd Reactor and everyone else for helping spread the word. It’s very likely now that GX3 is going to happen (6 1/2% left!) and we wouldn’t be in this spot without YOU helping spread the word and letting these publications that you like a little queer content now and then 🙂