Intel’s Indie Dev Contest

Dear GaymerX Attendees!

This year, we have been given a special opportunity to host the first ever Indie Dev Contest sponsored by Intel. We are proud to have such a large company at our back, and glad that they’ll be bringing this exciting event to the table. It’s especially great because anyone can interact, even if they’re not attending.


What does this mean for me?

It means that you, as a GX3 fan, can vote in this contest. To participate, all you need to do is determine what you think the best indie games being exhibited at GX3 are. Then you have to rep them hard! 

I didn’t come ready for a contest! What do I do?

Fortunately, the whole process is pretty easy. The contest is based on a voting system, where users both at the convention and outside of the convention will vote for a given game or games by tweeting.

So all you need to do? Get voting on Twitter! The contest window is 7:00PM on Thursday, December 10th to 12:00PM Sunday, December 13th. In that window, you want to tweet about the game you wish to vote for and include that game’s Twitter account while using the hashtag #BestIndieGX3. Every tweet made that has a given game’s Twitter @ name and that hashtag will count as a vote towards it. Voters are encouraged to vote as much as they like for a given developer/game (within reason) and are welcome to vote for as many developers/games as they wish.

For example, “Smooth Operator is the best game ever! #BestIndieGX3 @Beardogames”

So in short? Get ready to tweet about your favorite game(s) with the account tagged in it and including the hashtag #BestIndieGX. Everything else is taken care of!

Well this all sounds great? Where do I find out who won?

The winners will be announced at the GX3 Cosplay Pageant which takes place at 4:00PM on Sunday, December 13th. If you want to hear the placings, be sure to be there!


Yes, hooray!

We’re looking forward to this event and think it will be great for both our developers and the convention as a whole, so we hope you’re as eager to participate as we are to put it on! If you have any additional questions about the contest, entry, participation, and so on, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to provide answers.


Roll For Initiative: GX3 Announces Tabletop Bosses!

Get your dice out! Sharpen your pencils! Ready your spell components! GaymerX has some awesomesauce to share with you!

Did you know that GX3 will include dedicated tabletop gaming rooms and programming? Our tabletop games programming this year will include Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, Dragon Age, Mutants & Masterminds, Blue Rose, and other one-of-a-kind adventures in a variety of systems! For D&D Adventurers’ League, you’ll be excited to hear Associate Community Manager Alan Patrick will be joining us to run some games! We’ll even be having a workshop on LARP!

But what would three days of LGBTQ friendly and inclusive tabletop gaming be without special guests from the industry joining us? We’re thrilled to announce our Tabletop Industry Bosses of Honor!

Read more

MAGfest Arcade Presents the Open Indie Space!



Hideho~ It’s your friendly neighborhood gaymer Kayla, with more juicy info about GX3 and our new MAGFest Arcade. We’ve been hard at work in the salt mines making sure to deck it out with all kinds of fun things for you to explore and check out, and we have something super cool for indie game devs joining us at GaymerX this year!

GX3 would like to present to you the Open Indie Space! There will be 8 spots total open to those indie developers who would like to show off their games in the Arcade!

This fancy free space comes with some limitations because we like to make sure everything is fair and square here at GaymerX. So let’s go over the rules of engagement. (PS if you don’t get the reference even with the hint we can’t be besties but you can still get a space)download (2)

  1. Each developer will be limited to a 2 hour slot and no developer can have more than one slot in a day.
  2. You may request to be put on more then one day, BUT those who haven’t gotten a slot are treated as priority and take precedence over any additional slot requests.
  3. All we guarantee to provide is a monitor and power. Developers are asked to provide any signs for their games to be used during their time slot as well as the machine to play their games on.
  4. Those in the Expo Hall, or those who have paid for spaces, take priority in slots but there are more than enough to go around so everyone will get a chance to show off.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, you will be assigned slots. These will be locked prior to the event and can not be changed day of. No additional developers will be added day of so it’s really important to request space as soon as possible!

The deadline for submitting a request to get a slot to show off in is Dec 5th, after that no new developers will be accepted as the schedule will be locked in and unable to change. So to sign up dance your wonderful selves over HERE and fill out the information needed for you to secure your very own timeslot.

We really want to celebrate our awesome, diverse indie game community and we’re so excited to be able to provide this space for indie game devs joining us this year! We really hope you join us and see all the new, awesome games in the arcade!



See you at GX3 in December!!

~ Kayla



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On Sprites And Sugar Water

Hello again, potential Sprites!

You may remember our post earlier this summer about the magic our volunteers, known as Sprites, bring to each and every GX event. We spoke of free badges and sugar water, but we were vague in a mysterious yet enticing way. “What is this sugar water?” you may have asked yourself. “Is it delicious enough to lure me, with my exquisite magic, into becoming a Sprite?” Wonder no more! Come sniff at the trough of sugar water, fill your nostrils with its tantalizing aroma, and learn the specifics of GX3’s Volunteer perks.

The very first Sprite training at GaymerX in 2013!


In exchange for at least 8 hours of work during the convention, Sprites will receive:

  • Free Badges: All Sprites receive a free weekend pass to GX3: Everyone Games. This badge includes access to our swanky VIP Party on Thursday night!
  • Exclusive Sprite T-Shirts: Our Sprites get a unique shirt at each GX Convention that serves as their badge of Spritedom. These shirts aren’t sold or available any other way than working with us as a Sprite.
  • Food on Shift: We know that nothing is more important at a convention than making sure you’re able to find the time to eat! We provide breakfast and dinner to Sprites who are working during morning and night shifts. We’ll also have snacks and other munchies available throughout the day for our Sprites to keep them fueled. Have dietary restrictions? Let us know and we’ll make sure to stock things you’re able to eat!
  • Volunteer Crash Space: Need somewhere to take a quick nap during the convention? Get some quiet time? Leave your things locked up safely? A space to switch from Sprite garb to an awesome costume? Then you’ll love the volunteer crash space! We keep a hotel room at the venue set aside for our volunteers to use for these things throughout the event! Please keep in mind, though, the crash space is communal one and is not a stand-in for lodging during the event!
  • Training Dinner: Want a chance to meet your fellow Sprites before the convention? We hold a training dinner prior to the convention that we ask all Sprites to attend. It’s a great chance to make new friends and get informed about all things GX3 before things get started.  We also use this training to talk about ways to make GX3 an inclusive space for all gamers! We’re aiming to have this dinner on Wednesday 12/9 in San Jose, not far from the San Jose Convention Center.

Have we enticed you to bring your magic to GX3 as a Sprite? Excellent! You can apply to be a volunteer at GX3 here. Don’t delay, as we’re quickly approaching our application deadline of 9/30/2015!

Have questions or concerns? Let us know via email at [email protected]! We look forward to seeing you all this December in San Jose, CA!

-Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde, Volunteer Co-Directors

sorayaheadshot meprofile pic


GX3: Everyone Volunteers!

Hey, Listen!
Press C-Up To Hear How to Become A Sprite!




Every so often, when the wind through the trees calls out for another GX, we set out a golden trough filled with sugar water to attract the rare and precious Sprites. These Sprites (known as “volunteers” in the lands that do not practice magic) not only make the convention possible, they make it wonderful. Our Sprites run everything from set up to registration; they provide security in the halls and A/V support in the panels and events.

Sprites in their natural habitat.

You may not know it yet, but you, reading this – you could be a Sprite! Does the sweet, delicate smell of sugar water entice you? How about free tickets and benefits like free breakfast and a crash space when you need it? Whether you’ve loaned us your magic before or whether you’re spreading your wings for the first time, we’d love to have you join us at GX3!

Here’s a quick rundown of what being a Sprite at GX3: Everyone Games will entail:

What We Need (Your Magic)

  • Minimum 8 hours of volunteer work during the convention. This is split into several shifts. Our sprites work in a variety of areas ranging from registration, set-up/breakdown, badge checking, security, A/V, and random acts of magic.
  • Able to attend a training session prior to the convention. All of our Sprites go through training to help them cultivate a safe and inclusive community at GX. We also use this time to talk about event logistics, convention policies, and Spritely duties.

What We Offer (Sugar Water)

  • Free 3-Day Badge to GX3: Everyone Games. Every volunteer gets a badge at no cost to them in exchange for helping us make the event a success.
  • The Sprite Castle. Our volunteers have access to our Volunteer HQ, the Sprite Castle, throughout the event. This is a space to safely store your things, grab some free food, and/or just hang out with your fellow Sprites.
  • And more! We’re still finalizing details on all of our volunteer perks, but we try our hardest to provide our Sprites with whatever we can to thank them for their hard work. We’ll announce these perks as we get closer to the event!

You can read up on more details about being a Sprite and apply to join us at GX3 here.

Have questions? Email them to Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde at [email protected]!

We look forward to seeing you all at GX3: Everyone Games!

-Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde, Volunteer Co-Directors

Soraya Een Hajji, Volunteer Co-Director

New Boss of Honor and Press! :D

Hey everyone!

Announcing our very first Boss of Honor, you may know her voice as Shepard, or from Halo, or God Of War, or Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic or Diablo IIIor Metal Gear Solid or..well..she works really hard to voice some of the most awesome characters in gaming today…

It’s Jennifer Hale!

Hooray! We’re excited to announce some other awesome Bosses of Honor as we get closer to the event next year, but we’re so excited to have our first new Boss of Honor be such an awesome and prominent female voice actor in the video games world. Thank you for joining us Jennifer!!

We also wanted to share some super sweet articles that have been written about the convention/interviews we did. Please read if you’d like more insight into our thinking w/ GX3 or want to share the good news!




DOT 429  –

Some other cool ones at launch:



Also big thanks to Game Politics, Kotaku & Kotaku Australia, Polygon, Eurogamer, Nerd Reactor and everyone else for helping spread the word. It’s very likely now that GX3 is going to happen (6 1/2% left!) and we wouldn’t be in this spot without YOU helping spread the word and letting these publications that you like a little queer content now and then 🙂