GaymerX is 5 weeks away! Hotel Blocks Close in 2! GX Australia?!?!

If you haven’t got a hotel room for GX3, they end in just 13 days, so you need to do it now before its too late!

Come join our amazing list of Bosses of Honor, play games brought to you by MAGfest, join panels with industry leaders, and meet gaymers from across the world, only at GX3!


Our friends down under have launched a campaign for GX Australia – we’re lending them the name and we’re so excited to be there in Sydney in February for the very first ever LGBTQ geek convention in the country.

You can join us, or support the campaign on the Kickstarter here!

Thank you all for helping us get this far and please hit us up at [email protected] or @gaymerx on twitter if you have questions, thoughts or concerns!

If You Don’t Get Your Tickets How Are You Gonna Hug Dad Bowser??


New at GX3! Announcing POC Safe Space

Because GX3 is a physical space that extends into the virtual spaces of twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc, one of the things we should provide is space for in-person networking and socialization for our POC attendees.

The decision to have this space was made as part of our commitment to the mission statement of GX:

GaymerX seeks to make the gaming world safer and more inclusive to marginalized people, especially those in the gender and sexuality spectrum. Creating Better Practices for safety and inclusiveness in physical and online gaming spaces. This can mean rules and enforcement but more-so helpful guidelines and tools for people to interact with one another as well as exposure to rarely discussed social concepts and issues that help people relate and empathize with one another.

The POC Safe space will be in Rooms Turing A/Turing B during the following times:

Friday: 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Saturday: 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Sunday: 3:00 – 4:30 pm










GaymerX convention staff asks that all attendees respect and observe this decision to make a safe space available for our POC attendees. This is the first year we will have a POC safe space for our attendees, and your feedback will only help us improve as we move forward in making GX an even more diverse, welcoming and safe space for you.

Questions, concerns or other issues can be directed to [email protected]  and will be answered by our Diversity Liaison, Tanya DePass.





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Are you excited for GX3? Do you wanna save money? Well hop on board the Early Bird pricing train! As you can tell, Early Bird Pricing ends midnight on the 19th of October, so if you want to get your tickets cheap, get them NOW.

In addition, if you are a Kickstarter backer–please redeem your ticket codes soon so you do not get potentially get an additional charge. We would not be here without you, and would NOT want this to happen to you. 

We’re all so stoked about GX3, and we want all of you to be there, so if cheap tickets means you will be, we’ll give you this great big reminder that they’re cheaper now than they will be ever again 😉 So go buy ’em up now 😀


Turing approves! What other endorsement do you need?