ANNOUNCING BOH & ARTIST #1 @GAYMERX : Zeke Mystique & Matthew Michael Brown!

Hey Gaymers and friends!

Got some cool gay announcements for you this wonderful Tuesday:

– Everyone who donated should have gotten an email with a Badge Code to redeem on – if you haven’t gotten it, please let us know! We will not close off redemption until 2 weeks before the convention (July 15th) so you do have time to redeem your code or give to a friend.


– – We’re proud to announce our first of 5+ Bosses of Honor: Matthew Michael Brown!

Matthew was the  winner of Season 2 of PlayStation Network’s “The Tester”. As the first person to bring the word Gaymer to televised popular culture in such a big way, Matthew has helped blaze a trail for LGBT rights in the gaming industry. Since working for SCEA, he has gone on to work for Sony Pictures Entertainment as a digital coordinator and was recently elected President of OUT@SPE, the LGBT group on the studio lot. He has experience breaking into the gaming industry as a gaymer and is passionately continuing the fight for equality today. We’re super proud and humbled to have Matthew Michael Brown, the original Gaymer, as one of our Bosses of Honor!


– We’re also extremely excited to announce our first of 4+ artists for the GaymerXConcert: EZKL!


Zeke Mystique is a fierce chiptunemixermastermind. There is little known about this enigma — except that his beats will move your bones. Check it out:

As we mentioned before, we have AT LEAST 5 Bosses of Honor and 4 Artists at the GaymerXConcert, so expect more updates in the weeks to come.

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Thanks and can’t wait to announce more of the Bosses of Honor!!!!

Team GaymerX

GaymerX Badge Codes and Registration

Hey everyone! Been a great start to the new year!


As many of you know, badge codes went out this week and we are really excited to watch the number of registrations rise! As of now all badge codes should have already been received. We have found some cases of our emails getting caught in a spam filter, so if you haven’t seen yours yet, check your spam!


We also wanted to clear something up regarding our registration process, as it has come up. The “Legal Name” requested is only for an ID check for badge pickup and to verify your age. It WILL NOT be shown on your GaymerX badges. You will have a chance before and at the convention to set your badge name, and the default will be your GaymerConnect username.

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