Some clarification!

Bonk! Just to clear up any confusion about Sunday’s announcement thing: This is not necessarily the end of GaymerX – it just means that we’re no longer going to be holding it as an annual event. This year, we went all out with the venue and going to three days – the costs skyrocketed and although attendance has been doing well, corporate sponsorship was just not at a level to sustain going this huge. We’re taking on a huge risk of debt, and even if we do end up selling out, we will barely just break even.

It’s a lot of work to put on this convention, and if we want it to succeed, in the future it needs to be planned in a way that is sustainable and doesn’t take on nearly the amount of risk and financial cost that we’re paying this year.

This is only the end of GaymerX as a yearly event and certainly not an end to the fight for equality in gaming. This year’s event is going to be even better in terms of content, events, fun, and especially venue space and decor – and we have a lot of really awesome events and panels we’re planning to announce soon!

This is only the beginning! Thank you so much for all the kind words and messages but if you’d like to help, just help spread the word about the rise of safe spaces for queer geeks (and also that tickets are for sale!)

Thank you Jen Legay Toni Rocca Zach Weiner Andrew Davis Noah Silas Aaron Joseph Fred Riding Philip Jones John James Soraya Een Hajji Cory L. Murphy-Helmkamp Mike Savoie Kitty Stryker Shams Shaikh Hunter Luthi Gordon Bellamy Ryan Paul Ted DiNola Luke McCampbell Matthew Hopkins and the entire midboss and friends crew for braving the storm of negative ignorance that came out of the announcement as we storm into an amazing, huge GaymerX2.

Hope to see you in July!