Consulting and Training

GaymerX is proud to offer consulting and training services to the games industry. As part of our mission to support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and culture in games, we offer a selection of LGBTQIA+ centered training curricula as well as customized solutions designed to advance Diversity, Equity, Visibility, and Inclusion in gaming. We serve individuals and businesses working in the video game and tabletop gaming industries, including independent game developers, game studios of all sizes, publishers, media outlets, and more.

What We Offer

GaymerX will help you create more LGBTQIA+ inclusive games, workplaces, and events. We provide a wide variety of services utilizing our in-house experts and network of consultants with diverse and intersectional identities.

Below are some of the training and consulting services we provide. Alternatively, we are happy to work with you to engineer a custom solution for you or your studio’s needs. If you don’t see something below that fits, email us to schedule a no-cost, 30-minute meeting with our team to discuss ways we can help.

PRESENTATION: Integrating Queer Themes in Games

A 60 minute presentation on the the basics of incorporating LGBTQIA+ themes and content into games. We offer
guidance on why LGBTQIA+ content matters in media, themes that appeal to queer audiences, and how to use
tropes and how to avoid using them badly. Additionally, this talk provides a historical perspective on queer themes in other
forms of visual media and how it relates to gaming. After the presentation, we provide a 15 minute Q&A opportunity plus a quick reference PDF for participants.

WORKSHOP: Gender Identity In the Workplace

Available as a 90 minute or half day workshop, one of our staff will provide a presentation on the basics of gender diversity, navigating pronouns, the impacts of unsupportive workplaces on gender diverse staff, and applicable laws to these situations. We’ll then engage in small group exercises to work on identifying ways to create a more inclusive workplace for transgender, non-binary, and other gender diverse staff members as well as strategies for addressing discriminatory and/or inappropriate behavior by colleagues. Handouts for staff and for managers are provided at the end of the workshop for easy future reference.

WORKSHOP: Community Management Strategies for Supporting LGBTQIA+ Players

Available as a 90 minute or half day workshop, our staff discusses best practices for celebrating LGBTQIA+ people in player communities and maintaining their safety. The training includes a mixture of a traditional presentation, small group breakout discussions, role-playing, and Q&A session. Topics covered include LGBTQIA+ inclusive language, how to spot toxic behavior targeted at queer players, and strategies for confronting and communicating with problematic community members. Includes a quick reference PDF for participants after the workshop.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Intersectional Community Building in Games

A customized 60 minute panel featuring gender diverse, LGBTQIA+, POC, and disabled and/or neurodiverse experts in the field of games. This discussion not only focuses on representation, but also intersectional visibility in games-based community building. Our staff will work to identify a panel of appropriate speakers in our networks based on your need and provide one of our staff members to moderate the discussion.

CONSULTATION: Sensitivity Reading

A sensitivity read is a review by a professional with an appropriate background, training, and/or extensive personal experiences that they use to draw upon when they review projects submitted to them for misrepresentations, bias, racism, or unintentional stereotypes. GaymerX staff and/or an appropriate expert in our network will review materials for your project, meet with your team to discuss their findings, and provide a written report of our recommendations. This is a service billed by the labor hour so we can better scale the cost to your specific needs.

CONSULTATION: Marketing, Social Media, & Promotional Materials Review

GaymerX staff and/or an appropriate expert in our network will review marketing materials and talking points related to your project with regard to LGBTQIA+ content. We’ll review the provided materials, meet with your team to discuss our findings, and provide a written report summarizing our findings. As part of your campaign, we can also work with your team to identify appropriate community partners and influencers to help promote your project. This is a service billed by the labor hour so we can scale the cost to your specific needs.


Looking to overhaul your game narrative? Have a fantastic, ground breaking idea for new LGBTQIA+ content but unsure how best to execute it? Does your team need help on a deep dive into a niche LGBTQIA+ topic as part of your game? Is your management team facing a complex situation on LGBTQIA+ topics and not sure how to proceed? Our staff can meet with you for a no-cost, 30 minute meeting to discuss your specific needs and create a customized service proposal to help you achieve your goals.

How it works

Contact us to schedule a no-cost, 30-minute meeting with our team to assess your needs and discuss your budget. We will email you a customized proposal of options with price quotes within one to two weeks after our initial meeting. Please expect proposals for complex projects and trainings to require more time.

If you have an questions or would like to schedule a meeting with our team, click the button below or email us at [email protected].