GaymerX Teams Up With GeeksOUT For A FlameCon Gaming Experience!!

By Now You’ve Surely Heard of New York’s First Ever Queer Comic Con


FlameCon, New York’s first queer comic con, will be taking place in June 13, 2015. It’ll be held in The Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, New York. The gorgeous venue will host a day of fun and geekdom from thoughtful discussions to performances, screenings, and outrageous costumes! The event is held by the good people at GeeksOUT, a non-profit organization helping to celebrate the work of queer creators in the world of geekiness.

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Well, GaymerX is going to be teaming up with the good people at GeeksOUT to bring some awesome game devs to FlameCon! That means that if you’re headed to FlameCon then you’ll be able to see us and lots of awesome devs showing off their games! We promise to grab a selection of games worthy of the awesomeness you’ve come to expect from GX, which will fit nicely with the awesomeness of FlameCon!


We can’t begin to tell you how excited and honored we are to be a part of this event!!


Are you a game dev who’s going to FlameCon or maybe just considering it? Well, you might have a chance to get a FREE TABLE to show off your awesome game! We’re working to partner with some folks to create a scholarship program to get some great games in front of the crowd. If all goes well, that means YOU might be able to get a table for free!

Just fill in the form in this link to apply for a free table!

Feel free to link this to friends who might be able to come, we don’t want to miss any opportunity!

GaymerX goes 501c3!

Hey all!

We are VERY excited to announce today that we have begun the process to become a full 501c3 charity!

We’ve had TONS of people and corporations wanting to help out in bigger ways, but us not being a non-profit has stood in the way.

Us being a non-profit allows charitable donations to our mission to be recognized appropriately!

We simply did not have the legal help or resources to do so in the past, and we were afraid of making things more complicated, but this will allow us to be a more stable convention and better reward our partners.

Thank you!