GaymerX East ’19 Guests of Honor

Today we are thrilled to announce our 2019 guests of honor! We are excited they will be joining us and they are just as excited to meet all of you!

Brandon Stennis

Brandon Stennis is a partnered content creator on for the last 4 years. He also works as the Influencer Manager of the indie publishing company Versus Evil. Brandon has gathered quite the career in the gaming industry since 2012 and has innovated himself into a self made gaming personality. He continues to try and help other creators find their place within themselves and the gaming/streaming communities. 

Twitter: @iamBrandonTV

Twitch: iamBrandon

Katherine Cross

Katherine Cross is a Ph.D. student in Information Science at the University of Washington, and a contributing columnist to Gamasutra. Her work has focused on a range of topics, including game design, AI ethics, community management, and online harassment. Her cultural criticism has appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including Rolling Stone, Bitch Magazine, The Baffler, Time, The Verge, Polygon, First Person Scholar, and The Daily Beast. She is also a sought-after thinker on technology whose commentary has featured on NPR, ABC Radio National, Le Monde, and Dagens Nyheter among others. Her fiction has appeared in the Lambda Literary Award nominated collection Nerve Endings. Recently, she has begun to enter the world of game design, contributing writing and scenarios to games like the Pathfinder RPG and Eclipse Phase. She yearns for the robot uprising and is currently writing a book on the subject.

Twitter: @Quinnae_Moon

D.J. Kirkland

D.J. Kirkland is a comic book artist from Charlotte, NC. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2009 with a BFA in Sequential Art, which is just a fancy word for comic books. When he’s not drawing comics, D.J. spends his time doing MORE drawing, playing fighting games, watching anime and talking about all of those things on a podcast with one of his best friends called Magical Boys.

Twitter: @OhHeyDJ

Instagram: @OhHeyDJ

Join us for GaymerX East ’19! Meet our Guests of Honor, explore the Expo Hall, engage in fascinating panels and workshops and MORE. Get your discounted presale passes by supporting the Indiegogo campaign!

GDC 2018 and GaymerX!

Hey everybody!

As some of you may know, Game Developer’s Conference is just around the corner and we wanted to announce a few cool things we’re looking to do!

Read more

Thanks for a great GaymerX!

WE DID IT!!!!!


Emi here, GaymerX Photography and Social! <3
Thanks to everyone who came out and played with us!

This year’s event was so magical and we know it’s because of the time we spent with all of you. We had such amazing attendees, staff, sponsors, panelists, exhibitors, performers, bosses, and a great hotel crew that brought it together in the best way.

We’re looking for feedback on the event, so please fill out the following survey – Click here to take the GaymerX Year Four Survey!

Our team has been resting and working hard behind the things to help share what it was like to be there, but in the meantime you can check out these great posts about GaymerX Year Four!

Interview with GaymerX Founder Matt Conn

KQED’s Overview of GaymerX Year Four

The Advocate’s Awesome Photo Set of GX4!


Now that GX4 has come to a close, we’re turning our focus to making GaymerX East have the best first year we can. Don’t forget that tickets are on sale now, and our Early Bird price is only $40!

Feeling super inspired by GX4 and want to share that with our attendees? We decided to extend our panel submissions to the 14th! That’s Friday, so you still have two days to put something together and send it our way. We love new voices so please submit even if you’re feeling shy!


What’s coming after GX East? GX Australia of course! Our international friends are back again to bring you all another year of down under gay gaming.

Their Kickstarter is live now and needs your support, so please back them as soon as you can. They still have two weeks to go and every little bit helps them succeed.

Let’s make GX Australia 2017 possible!!


We love to hear from you!
Mention us on Twitter:  @GaymerX
Contact us through email: [email protected]

GaymerX Four – Travel, Parking and Food Options!

Hey Gaymers! This time next week we are going to be partying hard at GaymerX: Year Four!


We have an extensive breakdown of trip maps at, and here’s the short list!

BART stations: Old Ironsides or Great America Station will both get you within walking distance of GaymerX

Lyft: We’ve partnered with Lyft and first time users will receive a free ride up to $25 – Use the code “GXYEAR4” to claim your free ride!

By Car: Ample parking is available at the nearby convention center parking garage, though please note the 49’ers are playing at Levi Stadium on Sunday afternoon, Oct 2nd, and that may affect parking so plan accordingly.

TusCA Restaurant is located inside the Hyatt Regency and various restaurants are within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. Many of the restaurants below deliver by services such as ‘eat24’, so go in with a few friends and have a feast delivered to you.

TusCA Restaurant
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara – Inside the hotel!

Hot Ice Cafe
5350 Great America Pkwy
Ste 102
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Bella’s Bar & Grill
1111 Elko Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Teedee Thai Laos Restaurant
4300 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Giovanni’s Pizzeria
1127 N Lawrence Expy
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Rabbits Foot Meadery
1246 Birchwood Dr,
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Gobi Mongolian BBQ
1135 Tasman Dr,
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Bawarchi Indian Cuisine
5350 Great America Pkwy,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Iguanas Burritozilla
4300 Great America Pkwy #116,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Pizza My Heart
4300 Great America Pkwy,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

We look forward to seeing you at GaymerX! #GX4

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Announcing: GaymerX East!

Hey Gaymers!

The time has certainly flown since our last update: there are only two weeks left before GaymerX Year Four begins! Since our last update we’ve been working hard on getting our convention ready for you so we can make this year our best yet. We’re so excited to be able to share it with you.

We’re also happy to announce that Microsoft will have presents for all of you who come to GaymerX. We can’t talk too much about the goodies yet- we don’t want to spoil the surprise- but we can tell you that we’re going to have a special surprise for Xbox users. You’ll find out more soon!!

Oh, and speaking of Microsoft: last week we announced our very first east coast event at the Microsoft Technology Center! We’re coming to NYC for two days of games, dev, and community building with all of you and it’s gonna be great. Submissions are open for panels and our Indie Space, and we’ll be revealing more information as we get closer to the event. We made a cute subdomain so you can keep up with everything as we announce it at

That’s all from us for now. Don’t forget that if you have any question can reach out to us at anytime via [email protected].

See you soon at GaymerX Year Four!!!

Early Bird Tickets/Hotel Con Rates End Soon, Panel Submissions Extended!

We want to hear from you! – We are now accepting Panel and Speaker Submissions until July 15th!

panel 01

Do you want to give a talk about your video game dev retrospective?
Have a skill you want to teach others like podcasting, branding or streaming?
Want to host a meetup for fellow artists/programmers/Dragon Age fans?
Or maybe you have experience, but don’t want to host the talk yourself.

GaymerX has you covered!
We’ve just extended our programming submissions until July 15th!

panel 02

We especially want to hear from POC! Our Diversity Liaison, Tanya DePass, has some words to say on this matter.

I’m putting on my Diversity Liaison hat before I start waving at you for a moment of your time. GaymerX Year 4 is coming up this fall and programming suggestions are open until July 15th. Convention content comes from the community. We want and need more POC on panels that are NOT just about diversity.

We know there’s a great community of game makers, podcasters, cosplayers, artists, musicians and more who should submit programming items for GX4! There’s more to our stories than being a marginalized identity within another marginalized identity.

We love games, all facets of making them. So bring your knowledge to GX4 and let’s make this year better for representation across all programming and events September 30 – October 2nd.

Thank you, Tanya DePass
GaymerX Diversity Liaison
[email protected]


Now that you’re fired up about speaking at GaymerX, let’s get you some links!

If you have programming prepared: Panel and Event Submissions

If you want to be considered as a panelist on other panels: Programming Participant Signups

And if you’d like to run a Tabletop session: Tabletop RPG Signups

panel 04

Come party with us at Year Four! Have you got your tickets yet?

Early Bird tickets are on sale until July 30th!
Hotel rooms are running out: only 4 left for the whole GaymerX weekend!
Reserve yours today!

We love to hear from you!
Mention us on Twitter: @GaymerX
Contact us through email: [email protected]

Call for more programming submissions from our POC community members!



I’m putting on my Diversity Liaison hat before I start waving at you for a moment of your time. GaymerX 4 is coming up this fall and programming suggestions are open until July 1st. Convention content comes from the community. We want and need more POC on panels that are NOT just about diversity.

We know there’s a great community of game makers, podcasters, cosplayers, artists, musicians and more who should submit programming items for GX4! There’s more to our stories than being a marginalized identity within another marginalized identity.

We love games, all facets of making them. So bring your knowledge to GX4 and let’s make this year better for representation across all programming and events September 30 – October 2nd



Hello one and all! Thank you for being as excited about GX4 as we are. We love how diverse our community is and look forward to building this year’s programming together. So without further ado please fill out the form below to submit for a Panel, Talk, Workshop, or Networking event. Programming submissions will be open until July 1, 2016.

Programming Submissions – Submit a talk, a panel, or a workshop!

If you want to request a slot for a tabletop game please fill out our Tabletop Form! Tabletop Form Submissions are open

Co-presenters must fill out an additional form and confirm attendance on or will need to confirm their information through a handler. Failure to do so can result in your program item being cancelled. Co-presenter form

Should you have any questions or problems please email: [email protected]


If you have questions about diversity and GaymerX, you can email [email protected]

Thank you,

Tanya DePass

GaymerX Diversity Liaison

[email protected]


Final Bosses of Honor Announced + Backerkit is LIVE!

Hey Gaymers!

Backer surveys were sent out on Monday! Please make sure to check the email account associated with your Kickstarter to get your goodies!

Also, if you missed the campaign, you can still get your stuff now by going to the GaymerX Year Four BackerKit Page!

Now.. Meet our final Bosses of Honor!

Donna Prior

Okay, all, this is super important!
Not only is Donna Prior an awesome RPG Boss from Green Ronin who will be joining us in playing tabletop games throughout the weekend but she is also running Orca Con!

Orca Con is an inclusive tabletop convention in Washington and the KICKSTARTER IS LIVE RIGHT NOW!! So make sure you back them so that you can check out this awesome event!!

David Gaider

Formerly BioWare’s lead Dragon Age writer and currently BeamDog working on Baldur’s Gate franchise. (Yes, the Baldur’s Gate) David now returns to us as our Grand Marshall!

Well, that’s the title we’re currently giving the guy who’s not only responsible for some of the best games writing the world’s ever seen through the Dragon Age series but also
a man who’s been to more GaymerX’s than some of our staff! (Lookin’ at you, Toni!!)

Mark Barlet

We’re extremely excited to be bringing Mark Barlet, founder of the AbleGamers Charity! AbleGamers have done a lot over the years to make gaming more accessible and
we’re super proud to have Mark joining us!

Brandon McGill

Brandon McGill, artist and creator, will be joining us this year offering
his incredible body painting talent to GaymerX fans!
Make sure you stop by to get a little, or a lot, of his surreal and vivid artistry on yourself!


If you went to the first GaymerX you might recall an awesome chiptune artist who whipped out a violin and started playing it during his set. Well that’s the one and only Aethernaut!
One of our long time favorite musicians, Aethernaut’s been so close to the family he’s
debuted songs at GaymerX and even did some tracks for Read Only Memories!

GaymerX • Year Four is a go!

GaymerX Kickstarter is over! $13,100 — thank you for your support..we’ll make this year the best we can!!! Combined with ticket sales, we’re off to a great start and on the way to having the biggest, and best year EVER!

READY TO GO? Just go to and you’re ready to get tickets, get a hotel room, etc :smiley:

As you may know, GaymerX has always been a project made for and by the community and your input is what drives the directions we move in. So we wanted to take this time to ask you some questions about what you’d like to see at our event!

Please fill out this form: GaymerX Year Four Suggestion Box!

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Intel’s Indie Dev Contest

Dear GaymerX Attendees!

This year, we have been given a special opportunity to host the first ever Indie Dev Contest sponsored by Intel. We are proud to have such a large company at our back, and glad that they’ll be bringing this exciting event to the table. It’s especially great because anyone can interact, even if they’re not attending.


What does this mean for me?

It means that you, as a GX3 fan, can vote in this contest. To participate, all you need to do is determine what you think the best indie games being exhibited at GX3 are. Then you have to rep them hard! 

I didn’t come ready for a contest! What do I do?

Fortunately, the whole process is pretty easy. The contest is based on a voting system, where users both at the convention and outside of the convention will vote for a given game or games by tweeting.

So all you need to do? Get voting on Twitter! The contest window is 7:00PM on Thursday, December 10th to 12:00PM Sunday, December 13th. In that window, you want to tweet about the game you wish to vote for and include that game’s Twitter account while using the hashtag #BestIndieGX3. Every tweet made that has a given game’s Twitter @ name and that hashtag will count as a vote towards it. Voters are encouraged to vote as much as they like for a given developer/game (within reason) and are welcome to vote for as many developers/games as they wish.

For example, “Smooth Operator is the best game ever! #BestIndieGX3 @Beardogames”

So in short? Get ready to tweet about your favorite game(s) with the account tagged in it and including the hashtag #BestIndieGX. Everything else is taken care of!

Well this all sounds great? Where do I find out who won?

The winners will be announced at the GX3 Cosplay Pageant which takes place at 4:00PM on Sunday, December 13th. If you want to hear the placings, be sure to be there!


Yes, hooray!

We’re looking forward to this event and think it will be great for both our developers and the convention as a whole, so we hope you’re as eager to participate as we are to put it on! If you have any additional questions about the contest, entry, participation, and so on, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to provide answers.