GaymerX Badge Codes and Registration

Hey everyone! Been a great start to the new year!


As many of you know, badge codes went out this week and we are really excited to watch the number of registrations rise! As of now all badge codes should have already been received. We have found some cases of our emails getting caught in a spam filter, so if you haven’t seen yours yet, check your spam!


We also wanted to clear something up regarding our registration process, as it has come up. The “Legal Name” requested is only for an ID check for badge pickup and to verify your age. It WILL NOT be shown on your GaymerX badges. You will have a chance before and at the convention to set your badge name, and the default will be your GaymerConnect username.

We want to make sure everyone who comes to our convention is safe and welcome, and we don’t believe a small piece of plastic knows more about your identity and gender than you do. 😛


We really can’t wait to see you all in August and we hope you guys have fun playing around with GaymerConnect while we tinker with it and add features! There are lots of convention related announcements in the works too, so keep your eyes open!


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