ANNOUNCING BOH & ARTIST #1 @GAYMERX : Zeke Mystique & Matthew Michael Brown!

Hey Gaymers and friends!

Got some cool gay announcements for you this wonderful Tuesday:

– Everyone who donated should have gotten an email with a Badge Code to redeem on – if you haven’t gotten it, please let us know! We will not close off redemption until 2 weeks before the convention (July 15th) so you do have time to redeem your code or give to a friend.


– – We’re proud to announce our first of 5+ Bosses of Honor: Matthew Michael Brown!

Matthew was the  winner of Season 2 of PlayStation Network’s “The Tester”. As the first person to bring the word Gaymer to televised popular culture in such a big way, Matthew has helped blaze a trail for LGBT rights in the gaming industry. Since working for SCEA, he has gone on to work for Sony Pictures Entertainment as a digital coordinator and was recently elected President of OUT@SPE, the LGBT group on the studio lot. He has experience breaking into the gaming industry as a gaymer and is passionately continuing the fight for equality today. We’re super proud and humbled to have Matthew Michael Brown, the original Gaymer, as one of our Bosses of Honor!


– We’re also extremely excited to announce our first of 4+ artists for the GaymerXConcert: EZKL!


Zeke Mystique is a fierce chiptunemixermastermind. There is little known about this enigma — except that his beats will move your bones. Check it out:

As we mentioned before, we have AT LEAST 5 Bosses of Honor and 4 Artists at the GaymerXConcert, so expect more updates in the weeks to come.

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Thanks and can’t wait to announce more of the Bosses of Honor!!!!

Team GaymerX