GaymerX is 5 weeks away! Hotel Blocks Close in 2! GX Australia?!?!

If you haven’t got a hotel room for GX3, they end in just 13 days, so you need to do it now before its too late!

Come join our amazing list of Bosses of Honor, play games brought to you by MAGfest, join panels with industry leaders, and meet gaymers from across the world, only at GX3!


Our friends down under have launched a campaign for GX Australia – we’re lending them the name and we’re so excited to be there in Sydney in February for the very first ever LGBTQ geek convention in the country.

You can join us, or support the campaign on the Kickstarter here!

Thank you all for helping us get this far and please hit us up at [email protected] or @gaymerx on twitter if you have questions, thoughts or concerns!

If You Don’t Get Your Tickets How Are You Gonna Hug Dad Bowser??