GX3: Everyone Volunteers!

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Press C-Up To Hear How to Become A Sprite!




Every so often, when the wind through the trees calls out for another GX, we set out a golden trough filled with sugar water to attract the rare and precious Sprites. These Sprites (known as “volunteers” in the lands that do not practice magic) not only make the convention possible, they make it wonderful. Our Sprites run everything from set up to registration; they provide security in the halls and A/V support in the panels and events.

Sprites in their natural habitat.

You may not know it yet, but you, reading this – you could be a Sprite! Does the sweet, delicate smell of sugar water entice you? How about free tickets and benefits like free breakfast and a crash space when you need it? Whether you’ve loaned us your magic before or whether you’re spreading your wings for the first time, we’d love to have you join us at GX3!

Here’s a quick rundown of what being a Sprite at GX3: Everyone Games will entail:

What We Need (Your Magic)

  • Minimum 8 hours of volunteer work during the convention. This is split into several shifts. Our sprites work in a variety of areas ranging from registration, set-up/breakdown, badge checking, security, A/V, and random acts of magic.
  • Able to attend a training session prior to the convention. All of our Sprites go through training to help them cultivate a safe and inclusive community at GX. We also use this time to talk about event logistics, convention policies, and Spritely duties.

What We Offer (Sugar Water)

  • Free 3-Day Badge to GX3: Everyone Games. Every volunteer gets a badge at no cost to them in exchange for helping us make the event a success.
  • The Sprite Castle. Our volunteers have access to our Volunteer HQ, the Sprite Castle, throughout the event. This is a space to safely store your things, grab some free food, and/or just hang out with your fellow Sprites.
  • And more! We’re still finalizing details on all of our volunteer perks, but we try our hardest to provide our Sprites with whatever we can to thank them for their hard work. We’ll announce these perks as we get closer to the event!

You can read up on more details about being a Sprite and apply to join us at GX3 here.

Have questions? Email them to Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde at [email protected]!

We look forward to seeing you all at GX3: Everyone Games!

-Soraya Een Hajji and Brian Kunde, Volunteer Co-Directors

Soraya Een Hajji, Volunteer Co-Director