Unicorn Booty x GX3: Magical Rainbows of Coverage

It’s time for a little Rainbow Roundup!

We’re excited to announce that this year at GX3 our Press Lounge will be run by the beautiful folks at Unicorn Booty!


Unicorn Booty is an online magazine that connects readers of all sorts to news, culture and commentary on pop culture, politics, entertainment, travel, and anything interesting happening in the world. They’ll be covering major happenings at GX3 as a Media Sponsor and we’re so stoked to have them!

Unicorn Booty and their editor Daniel Villarreal will also be holding “The Effects of Gayme Addiction on Queers” panel at the con which you can RSVP for here!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the their GaymerX coverage so far including interviews with our Bosses of Honor, plus lots more fun, queer, geeky stuff you might not get to see elsewhere.

stick15-701x336INTERVIEW: Why Robert Yang Makes Video Games About Sex With Cars

How To Respond To The Most Common Complaints About Newly Out Characters

robjagnowwithwatermark-701x336INTERVIEW: Rob Jagnow Makes Fun Games About Class Issues And Bullying

Pop Stars as Final Fantasy VI Characters

GX, the Queer Gamers Conference, Is Invading Australia!

Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz Combines Classic Films With Vintage Video Games

‘Metroid: The Sky Calls’ Could Teach Nintendo How To Portray Women

N7 Day: How Mass Effect Helped Me Accept My Gender Identity

The True Story About The U.S. Hunt For Buried Fairy Treasures

Video Games On Vinyl? Check Out The Video Game That Was A B-Side!

A Look Inside Funspot, The World’s Largest Arcade

10 Classic Video Games That May Have Passed You By

“Nuclear War” Turns 50: A Fun Game About Human Extinction

Meet The Female Cosplayer Fighting Sexist Harassment

Love On Board: 10 Tabletop Games About Love

What If Female Video Game Characters Had Real Bodies?

Mini Gay Boyfriend: Gay Romance in Your Pocket!

Be sure to check out these and future content at Unicorn Booty where you can find some news that isn’t afraid to get a little gay and a little nerdy.


Queer Games & Gamers in the Mainstream this Week


This week has been an exciting one in that gaymers and queer geeks were mentioned in numerous forms of media – bringing attention to the big question: We know that gaymers exist (and in droves) but where are the queer games – why are video games the last to the party when every other major form of media has made massive progressive strides?

I had some really interesting conversations this week some really cool folks in the press who wanted to learn more about what’s going on in the queer gaming world and what we can do to begin moving forward towards some tangable progress towards a world where queers, and those who feel currently left out by the current game culture, can feel like they’re welcome at the big round table.

If you’d like some reading material, please check out the below articles that we weighed in on some level, or were articles that I really enjoyed reading this week.




Is Ellie Gay? Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Weighs In on The Last of Us: Left Behind by Sal Mattos


Avoid stereotypes in gaming sexuality by writing a person first by Danielle Riendeau


Why The Game Industry Plans To Keep Gay Characters On The Sidelines

The Fight to Get Gay in Video Games both by Yannick Lejacq


Rise of the Gaymers by Kurt Soller


We’re very exciting that this topic is getting mainstream exposure and we feel strongly about fighting for queer rights in the gaming world, so please use this as an opportunity to educate a friend or loved one about why being a queer geek matters! :O

New GaymerConnect Features and Interview with GameRevolution about GaymerX!

Hey Gaymers!

Some big updates from Gaymerland –

> We recently did an interview with the fabulous GameRevolution.com about GaymerX and what’s in store. Please check it out!


> We’ve also made some HUGE updates to GaymerConnect including the ability to +XP posts, customize your account with user banners, and tons of new characters. Check it out and don’t forget to vote up the panels you want to see at the convention!

Hope you’re all doing great – we’re going to announce BOH #2 soon! Please tell your friends about GaymerX as tickets are selling out fast!


Andrew & The GaymerConnect Team