Get Your Mailboxes Ready!

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve been spending our time since GXDev with the awesome folks at BackerKit! Being supporters of LGBT and local events, they have gone way beyond the pail to help us out with our fulfilment, which means we’re sending stuff out to you guys sooner than we thought we could!

Huge thanks to BackerKit for all their help! <3

Using BackerKit for shipping was actually way cheaper and faster than any of the times we’ve done Kickstarter fulfilment before. They really turned an incredibly long process into a surprisingly short one. If we do any more KS projects in the future, we’ll definitely be using them, and we encourage you to check them out as well! (We get plenty of folks poking us for advice with Kickstarter, so here is some!)

(this is our “accomplished” look)

The new shirts look AMAZING, we got new stickers (vinyl of course) and they’re AMAZING, posters– AMAZING. Basically when we had all the stuff in one place we were like:

Packages are in the mail and we’re excited for you to get it! Thanks so much everyone for being a part of GX3 and we can’t wait to have you at the event!!