Updates From GaymerFront

Hey everyone!

This is Matt and boy howdy have things been busy over here at GaymerX/MidBoss HQ. Since we launched GaymerX last year, things have been a whirlwind, as we’ve been working hard to cover the costs of putting on the first event, launching new projects like Read Only Memories, and making plans for more awesome stuff for queer geeks in the near future.

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone on GaymerConnect, r/Gaymers, and the local Gaymer groups for banding together and sending such a strong message last year to the game companies of the world – we, as queer gamers, deserve to be treated better than we have: We deserve to feel safe in the places that we go and we deserve games that are made with us in mind. Due to the support that you’ve given us over the past year, we’ve been able to go to game companies and show them just how big this audience is, and gaming companies are listening.


It has been a stressful year for us in that for nearly all of this, this is our part time job, and running a convention and a game are pretty intense stuff. That being said, we would not be able to keep doing this without all your support and love and desire to see more queer games, devs, and themes in the gaming world.

We hope that what we announce next will excite you, and we’re eager to continue working towards a better place for all queer geeks.


PS: I recently did an interview with Glenn Fleishman of NewDisruptors for BoingBoing where I talk about Read Only Memories, GaymerX1, GaymerX2, and some silly things like being America’s Worst Driver! :O