Please back the “Gaming In Color” Kickstarter!

Hey there!

If you haven’t heard about Gaming In Color, we urge you to go check it out, donate, and help spread the word.

We’re extremely excited that a film has come along (and has asked us to be a part of it) to help cronicle all the change that is being done by queer gamers and queer game developers, from dys4ia to QGCon, to Quiltbag, there has been a ton of amazing developments in queer game theory and growth in the LGBTQ gaming market and we feel that this film needs to happen.

We are eager to be a part of this film so that way all the hard work and energy that you have put in to make this convention SO much larger and better than originally planned can be captured – we want the world to see the power of thousands of Gaymers from across the world coming together and celebrating their queer geekiness.

If you can, please donate to Gaming In Color and help spread the word!

– We’ll be announcing a final list of Bosses of Honor/Artists within the month, send out a seperate email about panels (but submissions end this month) and more shortly!

Thanks for all your support –

Team GaymerX