GaymerXTalks Starts Friday

Hey everyone! If you couldn’t make it to GaymerX, starting this friday, and every friday until we run out of panels, we will be releasing two panels from GaymerX.

Please check out the video explaining GaymerXTalks and stay tuned – this week we’ll launch Pandora Boxx and EA’s panel, and have lots more in store. And the best part? All of them are free.

Also, we’re making a game: Read Only Memories. The success of this game is crucial – all the eyes of the gaming world are looking to this to see if LGBTQ themed games have an audience and can succeed, so if we can hit goal, then AAA publishers will be that less afraid to include queer characters because there is now a proven business case.

The game is only $6 – please consider backing it, or if you have, telling your friends!

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten a badge for GaymerX2 yetthere are still limited tickets available in the kickstarter, and for just $9 more than a regular badge, you can get two versions of R.O.M., a beanie, stickers and your name in the credits. Now is THE BEST TIME to get a badge for GX2 if you haven’t yet – and Ouya will double your money!!, so you’ll be helping us out even more.