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GaymerX is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on celebrating and supporting LGBTQIA people and
culture in the world of gaming, with a focus on video games. It began in 2012 as a gaming
convention with a focus LGBTQIA culture and from then it grew into a yearly convention in the
San Francisco bay area and expanded to New York as GaymerX East. The format of GaymerX
has always been about merging the fun of conventions and parties with sincere and insightful
discussion on marginalization and community building.

After several yearly conventions GaymerX was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to keep the
mission and focus to serve the people. The goal was to make sure that the organization could
actively help LGBTQ people in the game industry and fandom in ways that were positive and

In 2018 GaymerX expanded its efforts as a nonprofit. The organization sponsored passes and
provided travel stipends for five LGBTQIA developers attending GDC and partnered with other
organizations to run LGBTQIA focused events during the conference. Additionally, GaymerX
contributed scholarship funds for LGBTQIA participants in TrainJam 2018.

GaymerX will continue to build and grow these projects to create more resources for LGBTQIA
people in the games industry as well as in games communities. In the future, GaymerX hopes to
put on larger events, create tools and resources, take part in archiving and research, and even
help creators with their projects. Furthemore, GaymerX plans to partner with other organizations
to help foster diversity and intersectionality across the gaming world.


Please send inquiries to:
[email protected]
Katie Kaitchuck, Executive Director
San Francisco, California

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