Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Will Be Totally Awesome at GaymerX? These People! (Though I suppose between them that’s 10 thumbs.)

Who wants more GaymerX news, raise your hand?


Oh, good. I have more and I really wanted to tell someone. Introducing Boss of Honor Anna Anthropy and GaymerX rockin’ musicians Crashfaster. Anna and Crashfaster kick all sorts of butt from all angles of the spectrum. GET IT? LIKE THE GAMING SPECTRUM AND THE RAINBOW??? FREEEEEEEE COMEDY, RIGHT OVER HERE!



773529129First, we start with Anna Anthropy. Anna Anthropy is an important person. You know why? She has her own Wikipedia page. I’m impressed already. Billed as the “90th Hottest Queer Woman in the Galaxy,” Anna is more than just hot, she’s a talented artist and game creatrix too. Her first book, Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, champions the idea of “small, interesting, personal experiences by hobbyist authors,” much like she did with dys4ia, a largely-autobiographical game about her experiences with hormone replacement therapy. Her work explores the interplay with video game dynamics and the world of kink, as well as promoting queer visibility in gaming.


Indie Games Searchlight did a whole episode on her awesome game that was picked up by Adult Swim Games with an incredibly fun title to say, Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars:

Crashfaster is not just one awesome musician, it’s FOUR awesome musicians for the price of one! Crashfaster combines chiptune/8-bit music with rock and synth to make some seriously bangin’ music. I’m actually downloading this track below as we speak, from BUTCHERED: Splatterhouse Remixes:

CrashfasterCrashfaster also created the soundtrack to the throwback RPG series “Dragon Fantasy,” and has contributed to Caustic’s 12 Remixes and C418’s One.


Crashfaster features Morgan Tucker (programming, vocals), Devin Nixon (drums), Ryan Case (guitar), and Keiko Takamura (vocals).