GaymerCon Venue Hotels Announced and Reservation Links!

Stage Selected!

This has been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience. Choosing a venue was not an easy decision– what with all the great hotels in San Francisco. We have worked hard and ruined many pairs of shoes walking all over the great city and we feel very strongly that we’ve made the decision that is most in the interest of our fans.


The Hotel Kabuki

At the peak of San Francisco’s Japantown, this will be our main hotel and will host most of our GaymerCon events. With spacious rooms, beautiful furnishings and even a Japanese garden with koi pond, the Kabuki offers a really special con experience.


The Hotel Tomo

Just across a courtyard from the Kabuki we find Hotel Tomo. For those of you who like things nice but want their con experience to be a bit more “fun”, you’ll probably fall in love with this hotel just as we did. With its J-Pop style decor, bright colors, and fun attitude we expect the Tomo to be a big hit with gaymers.


The two hotels are open now for reservations!


Click Here to reserve at the Hotel Kabuki

Click Here to reserve at the Hotel Tomo


We chose Japantown as a location because the atmosphere was so much more welcoming and festive than other places in the city. We want a place where people can have a really fun experience and where people can be comfortable expressing themselves. The Kabuki will be our central spot for all our events but we are in the process of speaking with several other Japantown locations about hosting fun stuff during GaymerCon and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear back!

Our convention sure is blooming into something great!