Leveling Up The GaymerX Blog

Hello all you wild and awesome gamers and followers out there! I’d like to start off this post by thanking everyone who has supported us in getting GaymerX to this point! I hope what we have planned for this blog will help to IMG_8122continue to grow our relationship moving forward. So up to this point posts on this blog have been sporadic at best but we’re going to work really hard on improving that!

Moving forward from here we will be doing a lot of different types of posts which I’ll explain a bit below, and we will be accepting topics to discuss from you awesome people.

Starting from here on out we will be doing posts about the following:

  • Events! – When are they, what do they involved, how did they go?
  • GX3 Convention – Updates on panels, workshops, guests, and more!
  • Friends of GX – Posts about games, events, and other awesome things people from the community are doing.
  • Calling the Mothership – Community suggested topics or questions that the writers of the blog tackle just for you guys.
  • Around the World – We travel a lot to other events and conventions so its about time we start sharing our wrap ups of those.

If you are interested in keep up with our blog, or if you have friends you think would like to hop on board, please don’t be afraid to subscribe to our RSS feed!

From all of us to you, we salute you. Together we are working hard at not only carving out a safe space for gamers of all kinds but we are redefining what is allowed in games. We at GX3 like to think of this community as a family.





With that said this is Kayla signing off and hoping you’ll join us for the new blog.