Kevin’s Broken Gaydar

The Stranger: Broken Gaydar

**The following article does NOT represent GaymerConnect, its affiliates, or of any of the character’s parent companies.  It’s really just a little comedy article from somebody with poor taste.  Kevin is really just a lonely, sad little man with a comedian’s brain that dreams of people liking him.  Enjoy!**


My gaydar is some of the strongest you might ever meet.  Sometimes, it seems like everybody around me is gay… businessmen are checking out my ass, business women are completely ignoring me, and I’m sure there are others.  But after I was approached to break open the closet on certain popular characters (for which I have MASSIVE amounts of truthful, factual evidence), my first reaction was to say no.  I don’t think outing anybody is nice or helpful, and it can only go to hurting everyone involved in the process.

And then I was offered a baby-sized Cadbury Cream Egg.  I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY CAME IN BABY SIZE!  And with that kind of bribe, I’ll out whoever you want!

Today, I’ve got a grand total of three characters so deep in the closet, Narnia has to go into their closets to find them.  And they’re wearing somebody else’s closet’s feather boas.  If you feel me wrong, please feel free to correct me.  Except you won’t be able to.  Because of the logic and self-evident facts and powerful, powerful gaydar involved in discovering them.

1. Luigi (Super Mario series)

Only one of the gays could possibly be so happy to NOT be with a woman.

C’mon, Luigi is TOTALLY gay.  He never has a girlfriend (that Daisy is nothing more than a beard), he’s always has to be around his brother, and the only times he has adventures on his own he has to be surrounded by Toads a-la Luigi’s Mansion.  Plus, he’s got the whole concept of “color blocking” down with the green and blue.

He’s also constantly surrounding himself with smaller Toads (which we all know are totally tiny dudes) in the few games he’s been the star of.  He’s been seen with them running around and falling all over him in both Luigi’s Mansion titles, and all that tells me is that he likes his men at a certain… *cough* height.

2. Mega Man (Mega Man series)

“I told you, I’m TOTALLY not gay. Just ask me… totally straight. I just like rainbows and armor pimping, that’s not gay!”

Who’s the only girl in Mega Man’s life?  His sister Roll (and the mermaid chick from MM10, but she’s a robot, doesn’t count*).  Everybody else in those games is a dude.  And not just any dudes, but a wide variety of intricately-dressed, colorful, dare I say flamboyant dudes.  Cloud Man has obviously got a thing for the man-bot, and it didn’t look like ol’ Megs was fighting his hardest at any given point against Guts Man.  Ooooohhhhh Guts Man, always flexing like the gym-trolling behemoth he is.  You just know they’re bumping robot uglies.  The horrors Rush has told me about personally make even my oil can feel like a whore.

3. Kirby (Kirby series)

Do I need to add ANYTHING to this image?

How can Kirby NOT be gay?  HE’S PINK AND SUCKS EVERYTHING UP.  He’s powered up by friggin’ LOLLIPOPS.  When he was trying to first make his mark on the Game Boy he was only in black and white, but once he started making it big?  TOTAL rainbow queen.  I mean, if he’s not queer as a three-dollar bill, where is there a lady-version of the pink blobby variety?  Even Pac-Man – a yellow mostly-a-circle monster – had a lady version with a bow and lipstick (though I still think Pac’s just cross-dressin’), who does Kirby have?  Just more cutesy animals to try and MURDER him for being so colorful.

In a way, he’s the Rock Hudson of the video game world… minus the abs.  And the chiseled… everything that Rock Hudson had.

If there’s anybody you’d like me to explore, leave a comment or let me know on GaymerConnect and I’ll do the appropriate research.  THE TRUTH SHALL BE SET FREE!


*I know Roll’s a robot.  But it’s funnier the way I heard that said in my head.