GXDev is about to begin!


Let’s talk GXDev!

For those who may have missed it GXDev is a Game Jam taking place in San Francisco January 9th-11th. The jam will be focused on making games with LGBT themes and topics. We’ll have some awesome guests speaking and judging such as Anna Kipnis of Doublefine, Johnnemann Nordhagen co-creator of Gone Home, Rob Jagnow head of Lazy 8 Studios (Cogs, Extrasolar), Kortney Ziegler, creator of Trans*H4CK and more! 

If you missed it or feel like we didn’t advertise it enough, tickets went up this October but we only had space for 50 and it sold out in just a few weeks! Sorry! >_<

However, it is important to us that more people get to experience these things. So we want to do more events like this moving forward and now [that we know what we’re doing] we can do that! On top of that we’ve set up an itch.io Jam page that you can submit YOUR GXDev game to! This way for the folks who are far away and can’t participate in person, you can join us in spirit and be part of this awesome event!

Join us on itch.io!


Thank you all for joining us and making this happen and we hope to see you either in person or in the form of a virtual high five!


(High five courtesy of one of our awesome sponsors, Mailchimp)