The Awesomest of the Awesome.. GaymerX Sprites!

Hey Gamers!

As you may have heard, we’re very excited to announce our next convention, GaymerX • Year Four, will be held at the Santa Clara Hyatt Friday September 30th through Sunday October 2nd. We hope to build on our wonderful experience at GaymerX3 with more space, more special guests, and more awesome programming for everyone!

What you may not know is that GaymerX events aren’t possible without the magic of the incredible GaymerX Sprites! Sprites are our on site volunteers at GaymerX. They help us do registration, keep panels running smoothly, provide our A/V support, security on the convention floor, and much more! GaymerX simply couldn’t happen without them!

Interested in becoming a Sprite at GaymerX • Year Four?

Here’s what we’d need from you:

  • Minimum 8 hours of volunteer work during the convention. This is split into several shifts. Our sprites work in a variety of areas ranging from registration, set-up/breakdown, badge checking, security, A/V, and random acts of magic.
  • Able to attend a training session prior to the convention. All of our Sprites go through training to help them cultivate a safe and inclusive community at GX. We also use this time to talk about event logistics, convention policies, and Spritely duties.

Our marvelous perks:

  • Free 3-Day Badge to GaymerX • Year Four Every volunteer gets a badge at no cost to them in exchange for helping us make our event a success.
  • The Sprite Castle. Our volunteers have access to our Volunteer HQ, the Sprite Castle, throughout the event. This is a space to safely store your things, grab some free food, and/or just hang out with your fellow Sprites.
  • And more! We’re still finalizing details on all of our volunteer perks, but we try our hardest to provide our Sprites with whatever we can to thank them for their hard work. We’ll announce these perks as we get closer to the event!

If you’re interested in lending us your magic to help make GaymerX possible, just fill out an application here!

If you have any questions, you can always us via email at [email protected].

See you In Santa Clara!

Soraya Een Hajji & Brian Kunde
Volunteer Directors
GaymerX: Everyone Games