GaymerCon and GLAAD team up for Spirit Day!

Create Your Own Video Wearing Purple for a chance to win a signed XBox 360s, Boomphones, and more! 

Growing up isn’t easy. Young people today have to deal with many challenges and obstacles on their way to adulthood. Bullying shouldn’t have to be one of them. Harassment for the sake of someone’s gender identity or sexuality is something many of us have lived through and that young people today still experience. It is something that costs the lives of young people to suicide or violence even in these times when things are getting better.  Young people can learn from the example of adults and their peers and sometimes all it takes is showing a little support.

That’s why in participation with GLAAD, GaymerCon’s site and staff will “go purple” on October 19th. We will be joining the millions of Americans across the country wearing purple on Spirit Day to raise awareness and show our support for LGBT youth.

Click here to take the pledge and go purple with us on October 19th!

But not only that! Being queers and geeks, this matter hits us pretty close to heart as many of us grew up knowing or even being victims of bullying. Because of this, GaymerCon is going to be holding a contest to see who can make the best video raising awareness and showing your colors for Spirit Day. Tell us about being a LGBTQ or allied youth in high school or college and how you’ve experienced or dealt with bullying, or maybe how things have gotten better since becoming an adult. Two first prizes! One for GaymerCon staff vote and one for the video with the most upvotes on YouTube – each gets a 250GB Xbox 360 signed by the Xbox Live staff, as well as a Coin Entered pass to GaymerCon. We also have Boomphones (Headphones that are also boomboxes – say WHAT!) and passes to GaymerCon for lucky winners! Submissions end 10/12, so get to it!


Click here to watch the video for the GaymerCon “Go Purple for Spirit Day”  video and rules!