Brunch, Bonus Levels, and BBC

Hey Gaymers & Allies!

Wow – this has been quite a ride. From all the press and volunteers who have graciously donated their time, to all the support we’ve gotten from our over 1,000 (!!!) backers, this has been truly a dream come true.

We expected that it would be a hard fought fight to even get enough interest to raise $25K, and instead, the outpouring of support and love that you’ve shown us has forced us to think much bigger, and thankfully, we now have the support and capital to do that.

We’re hard at work on booking a bigger convention space that can hold now dramatically increased attendance demand, figuring out who will play at the GaymerConcert,  as well as bringing on volunteer & art coordinators. Within the coming months, we plan on launching a PanelPicker and Forums on our site so that we can grow the community and make sure that we are building the Con that you all have helped make possible.

A couple notables from this past week:

– We’ve been covered by a bunch of amazing folks these past few weeks, capped off by an interview with Matt and Kayce on the BBC earlier today. Check it out!

– We’ve hit our $50,000 minigame stretch goal – and will now have a GaymerCon Organizer Brunch on Sunday, August 4th for all pledges over $100. If you’ve donated $95 or $99, we think its worth bumping it up a few bucks for the meal and a chance to hang with cool kids like SMBC’s Zach Weiner!

– If you haven’t checked out the pledge levels lately, give them a look. We added a bunch of new things, including getting your voicemail message done by the Sniper from TF2 or GLaDOS, getting video game style art portraits of you hung on the walls, and gift baskets donated by some of our amazing friends, like Penny Arcade and Mega64!

– We’re creating a Account where we’ll continue to host our Google Hangouts, Let’s Play videos, and other more lighthearted, less official content from the GaymerCon crew – come subscribe for more off the cuff, fun videos created by us and the community.

– We are EXTREMELY excited to be closing in our our top stretch goal of $60,000, and have been putting out lines to huge celebrities that we’d love to see at the con for the past week or two. We haven’t gotten any confirmed bites yet, but we’re confident that we’ll be able to get someone amazing to help push the Gaymer cause to that next level and show the mainstream that LBGTQ gamers come from all walks of life.


It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks, and as history has shown, the last week of a Kickstarter is usually the craziest – but we’re ready! We’re excited to make this con a reality and help make a gaming and tech convention where you can truly come as you are.
You are all amazing. We are honored and blessed to have the opportunity to bring this to life.

Please drop us a line anytime at or @GaymerCon – we may be slow to answer, but we see everything you post!!


Matt & Jack (and the entire GaymerCon crew)