GaymerX Teams Up With GeeksOUT For A FlameCon Gaming Experience!!

By Now You’ve Surely Heard of New York’s First Ever Queer Comic Con


FlameCon, New York’s first queer comic con, will be taking place in June 13, 2015. It’ll be held in The Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, New York. The gorgeous venue will host a day of fun and geekdom from thoughtful discussions to performances, screenings, and outrageous costumes! The event is held by the good people at GeeksOUT, a non-profit organization helping to celebrate the work of queer creators in the world of geekiness.

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Well, GaymerX is going to be teaming up with the good people at GeeksOUT to bring some awesome game devs to FlameCon! That means that if you’re headed to FlameCon then you’ll be able to see us and lots of awesome devs showing off their games! We promise to grab a selection of games worthy of the awesomeness you’ve come to expect from GX, which will fit nicely with the awesomeness of FlameCon!


We can’t begin to tell you how excited and honored we are to be a part of this event!!


Are you a game dev who’s going to FlameCon or maybe just considering it? Well, you might have a chance to get a FREE TABLE to show off your awesome game! We’re working to partner with some folks to create a scholarship program to get some great games in front of the crowd. If all goes well, that means YOU might be able to get a table for free!

Just fill in the form in this link to apply for a free table!

Feel free to link this to friends who might be able to come, we don’t want to miss any opportunity!

Get Your Mailboxes Ready!

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve been spending our time since GXDev with the awesome folks at BackerKit! Being supporters of LGBT and local events, they have gone way beyond the pail to help us out with our fulfilment, which means we’re sending stuff out to you guys sooner than we thought we could!

Huge thanks to BackerKit for all their help! <3

Using BackerKit for shipping was actually way cheaper and faster than any of the times we’ve done Kickstarter fulfilment before. They really turned an incredibly long process into a surprisingly short one. If we do any more KS projects in the future, we’ll definitely be using them, and we encourage you to check them out as well! (We get plenty of folks poking us for advice with Kickstarter, so here is some!)

(this is our “accomplished” look)

The new shirts look AMAZING, we got new stickers (vinyl of course) and they’re AMAZING, posters– AMAZING. Basically when we had all the stuff in one place we were like:

Packages are in the mail and we’re excited for you to get it! Thanks so much everyone for being a part of GX3 and we can’t wait to have you at the event!!



GXDev Theme Revealed!

GXDev’s theme is..

“The Stories That Aren’t Told”

The theme for GXDev is now officially revealed, that means everyone can start jamming! The theme speaks mainly to the stories of people of sexualities, genders, and other differences from what is commonly portrayed in mainstream games. No more token characters with tired out stereotypes. We wanna see stories about the subtle issues that arise out of being different and the intricacies of complicated identities .

Join us on and jam with us all weekend!!



GXDev is about to begin!


Let’s talk GXDev!

For those who may have missed it GXDev is a Game Jam taking place in San Francisco January 9th-11th. The jam will be focused on making games with LGBT themes and topics. We’ll have some awesome guests speaking and judging such as Anna Kipnis of Doublefine, Johnnemann Nordhagen co-creator of Gone Home, Rob Jagnow head of Lazy 8 Studios (Cogs, Extrasolar), Kortney Ziegler, creator of Trans*H4CK and more! 

If you missed it or feel like we didn’t advertise it enough, tickets went up this October but we only had space for 50 and it sold out in just a few weeks! Sorry! >_<

However, it is important to us that more people get to experience these things. So we want to do more events like this moving forward and now [that we know what we’re doing] we can do that! On top of that we’ve set up an Jam page that you can submit YOUR GXDev game to! This way for the folks who are far away and can’t participate in person, you can join us in spirit and be part of this awesome event!

Join us on!


Thank you all for joining us and making this happen and we hope to see you either in person or in the form of a virtual high five!


(High five courtesy of one of our awesome sponsors, Mailchimp)


★★Venue Get!!★★


Today, we here at GaymerX are truly proud to announce that our third gaming convention, GX3: Everyone Games, is coming next year December 11-13, 2015 to the San Jose Marriott in beautiful downtown San Jose, California!

Early Bird tickets are now available for a special pre-sale price at our GX3 Eventbrite page, and GX3 Kickstarter backers can expect a ticket code in their emails before the end of the day. Get your tickets right away, as we’re expecting to sell out this convention early!


Read more

So you’re going to GaymerX…

Hey, Gaymers!

We wanted to let you know about a really cool project headed by the awesome Matt Baume! Matt and his partner will be traveling across the US filming gaymers and getting their stories! If they’re going through your neck of the woods, let them know so they can come say hello!

Darren Young on Logo!


WWE Superstar and GaymerX Boss of Honor, Darren Young, has been featured in an article on Logo’s NewNowNext! We can’t wait to have him at our con!

We’ve been working hard and we’re looking forward to showing you something big!


Schedules are Live!

Big News for GaymerX!

The Schedule is LIVE!!

The first draft of the schedule is now live and in functioning order!

Changes will undoubtedly occur but will always be reflected on the schedule! Also, panels are still being added to the schedule so be sure to check in from time to time!

Also, if you have ant questions or comments regarding anything on the schedule, please contact [email protected]

Tickets and Rooms!

Tickets are getting closer to selling out! More importantly: Rooms at the hotel sold out last weekend. We had to open up more rooms. If you will need a room, please book it ASAP or we will not be able to guarantee rates!!

If you have any issues booking rooms through the site, please call 888-811-4273 and let them know you’re going to GaymerX. To get our con rate online, use this link:

Be aware that if you do not book NOW and miss our room rates, you may have to pay as much as $500 a day!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all in July!

Hello again, all you familiar faces!

First, thank you so much for being a part of history by supporting GaymerX – our first convention wouldn’t have been so successful without you.

We’ve been working on the GaymerX2 Kickstarter and on building something even bigger from the foundation you’ve helped us build. We want to take everything we did right the first year and build on that to make this event even bigger and better than the last!

So what’s a gaming convention without… the games? With help from Cards Against Humanity, we’ve got IndieCade bringing in awesome games you might not see anywhere else, curated from the world’s most prestigious games creators. Not only that, but we will have several games rooms for board games, card games, tabletop RPG, and tournaments a-plenty!

We’ve also got some of our friends from the first GaymerX returning, like Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie who made us the hilarious video above! Not only that, but we’ve got new guests like WWE superstar Darren Young, and the ultimate Gaymer: Xander Jeanneret, finalist from King of the Nerds! Check out this awesome video he made us!

We’re bringing back a lot of the fun you had at the first GaymerX! That means games, panels, parties and COSPLAY! How fun can a convention be without cosplay, crossplay, and even a drag cosplay of Ursula from The Little Mermaid? No fun at all! That’s why we’re making our cosplay pageant even bigger and better this year! And if that wasn’t enough, to encourage people to don their wildest regalia, we’ve added a $1,500 prize pool to the best costumes in the show!

But don’t think that this is all we’ve got for you! Far from it! We’ve still got plenty of awesome surprises for you and as we meet our goals we will unlock more and more!

So back our new Kickstarter and follow the updates at We’re nearing the end of our campaign. It’s a race to the finish line and we need your help in finishing strong! Right now is the time when you get to decide just how big we can go so please consider helping out either by pledging or helping spread the word.

And for those of you out there who cannot go, this year we’ve made tiers for you to be able to donate tickets through charitable organization GeeksOut who will make sure those gaymers out there who can’t afford it will be able to experience this life-changing event.

Please help us make this possible!

GaymerX2 Announced! Get Tickets! Book Your Room!

That’s right, folks! The dates, venue, and some of the guests of GaymerX2 have been announced!

On July 11th-13th, 2014, GaymerX2 will take place at the InterContinental San Francisco hotel.  

The new venue will be nearly three times the size of the first, leaving plenty of room for gaymers to meet, play, learn, and create!

We’ve got guests old and new!

From awesome queer games critic and designer Mattie Brice, to Dragon Age writer David Gaider,  to the co-founder of Reddit and host of The Verge’s “Small Empires,” Alexis Ohanian! But that’s just a few names; check out our bosses page for more info!

How to get your tickets!

First, head to the Eventbrite page where you will have the opportunity to decide which level you’d like to purchase. Once you’ve made your order, hit the green “Register” button. From there, simply fill out the information as required and finish up your order! (Don’t worry, only your pronouns and Badge Name will be displayed on your badge~)



How to book your hotel room!

Once you’ve finished your order, you should be directed to a page that looks like this:

Once you’ve RSVP’ed and shared to your heart’s content, click the hotel photo or the “Book Here” button. That should take you to this page.

(While it may look like the standard hotel front page, that link is actually the special room rates link!)

When you click the “View Rooms & Rates” button fill in the dates you’d like to stay, within three days before and after July 11-13, 2014, and then click “Check Availability.” This should bring up the booking page and the correct rates!

If you’d like to book a Corner King, Suite or any other specialty room, please call the hotel at:

Toll Free: 800 439 4745

Or for locals: 415 616 6500


–If you’re having trouble with getting your tickets or booking your room, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] 

Thank You.

It’s incredible how quickly time has past. Just one year ago we were on Kickstarter asking YOU to help create the first ever LGBTQ gaming convention and now, a year later, we’re preparing for the VIP launch party.

Our initial plans were so modest and small. We expected to rent a small room for a few hundred people and we had no way of knowing this would blow up like it did. So many people backed and showed their support for us that in just a year we’ve been able to create something we feel very proud to contribute to the queer community, the games community, and the world. And all of it happened because of the people who had our backs.

We’re only hours away and sitting on stacks of programs, shirts, confirming schedules with panelists, volunteers (or as we call them “Sprites”), our amazing Bosses of Honor and musicians and wow. It’s all come to this.

Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of main events:

VIP Party (Friday, 9PM, Kabuki Imperial Room)

Join us as we raise our glasses to our VIP’s who helped make this all possible!

Opening Ceremonies (Saturday, 10AM, Japantown Peace Plaza)

We’ll be taking the Japantown Peace Plaza stage hostage to talk about the journey to GaymerX and some of the awesome things we’ll have in store.

Panels! Games! GAAAAMES! (Sat/Sun 11AM-6PM See schedule for locations)

Throughout the convention there will be lots of panels! Learn about your favorite games. Learn how to MAKE games! Talk about queer issues in the gaming world! And when you’re tired of thinking, there’s a room with video games, a room for board games, and a room for card games! Check the Con Schedule for more details!

Gaymer X Concert! (Saturday, 9PM Kabuki Imperial Room)

Watch a live show as our artists spin and chip tunes for us throughout the night!

GaymerX Cosplay Masquerade! (Sunday, 10AM Japantown Peace Plaza)

Our cosplay stars will be showing off their awesome costumes! Sign up at the registration desk!

Closing ceremonies! (Sunday, 6PM Kabuki Imperial Room)

Watch us choke up on stage as we wish the weekend could have lasted forever…

We couldn’t have done this all without you!