★★Venue Get!!★★


Today, we here at GaymerX are truly proud to announce that our third gaming convention, GX3: Everyone Games, is coming next year December 11-13, 2015 to the San Jose Marriott in beautiful downtown San Jose, California!

Early Bird tickets are now available for a special pre-sale price at our GX3 Eventbrite page, and GX3 Kickstarter backers can expect a ticket code in their emails before the end of the day. Get your tickets right away, as we’re expecting to sell out this convention early!


Founded in 2013, GaymerX is based on the belief that video games and video game culture can be and should be for all people – that everyone can enjoy games on an equal level, no matter who you are or who you love. We also believe in giving underrepresented voices a supportive venue to become the next great game creator!

Not only will GX3 have incredible guests, including one of this year’s Bosses of Honor, the voice of Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series, Jennifer Hale, but we’ll also have a grand host of gaming festivities for everyone, from panels, tournaments of the gaming and tabletop variety, live music, and cosplay. You’ll also have a chance to play games from some of our sponsored attendees, too, and hopefully some really cool games made at GXdev!

Since last year, we’ve gotten a huge helping hand from our charitable friends over at MailChimp, Devolver Digital, Trion Worlds, and some really awesome indie developers to help us secure the fantastic new location, amazing talent, and some special surprises for GX3.

With our new location, the San Jose Marriott, one of the best first-class hotels in the San Jose area, we’re going to be able to offer the fun of GX3, but with hotel room prices that are much more affordable to you, our most appreciated fans. This also ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your stay comfortably, with any extra cash going toward local food, shopping, and games!

Starting next Wednesday (December 17, 2014) we’ll put up the San Jose Marriott venue booking page with our special $129/night rate, so please stay tuned for a separate individual announcement!

For more upcoming news about GX3: Everyone Games, be sure follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and GaymerX.org! And we’ll look forward to seeing you in San Jose in 2015!


(Bonus, to help you get ready, here’s a song made for the first GX by our awesome friend Aethernaut!)