GaymerX GDC Scholarship

The GaymerX GDC Scholarship Program provides passes to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a keystone professional conference. It also provides travel assistance and additional networking opportunities at GDC. The goal of this program is to improve gaming’s diversity and inclusion by increasing the number of LGBTQ+ individuals employed in the gaming industry.

Scholarship recipients are game developers and professional academics working in video games who are LGBTQ+ individuals and/or produce LGBTQ+ content. This program provides an opportunity for marginalized individuals to attend GDC who could not otherwise afford the experience.

A participant in 2018’s group of GaymerX GDC Scholars has this to say about the experience…

“GaymerX’s GDC scholarship isn’t just a scholarship, it’s opportunity. Not only did this scholarship make it possible for me to attend GDC, but it made me realize the most important part of GDC, connecting with other developers. For me, this scholarship was the highlight of the convention. It gave me an opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with some of my LGBTQ+ gamedev role models, take a break from the chaos of the convention, find community, and just feel special. It was the first time I felt that I belonged in the industry. That newfound confidence has inspired me to branch out and try new disciplines within games, apply for leadership positions locally, and submit my work to more places. The GaymerX GDC scholarship is unlike any other scholarship I’ve ever received and has made a big difference in my life, even after the convention was over.”

Steven Harmon

Applications for this program open in late fall of each year. Please follow us on twitter for the latest updates.

The GaymerX GDC Scholarship program is made possible by the generous donation of conference + summit level passes by GDC.

GaymerX is currently seeking additional sponsors for this program. For more information, please contact us.